AXIS – A suite of multiprocessing software tools and libraries that will shorten development time, reduce project costs and accelerate time to market.

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AXIS – Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software is a set of software modules that can be used to accelerate the design, development, testing and deployment of complex DSP and multiprocessing platforms for real-time applications such as radar, sonar, communications and image processing. AXIS development tools allow engineers to focus on application functionality by taking away a large portion of software development burden so that they can instead get their new systems completed that much more quickly.

The AXIS family consists of three integrated toolsets: AXISFlow, AXISView and AXISLib. AXIS Flow provides a high performance interprocessor communication middleware supporting any node to any node data movement over multiple fabrics for both homogenious & hetergeneous processor architectures.

AXISView provides a suite of integrated graphical tools for multicore and multiprocessing systems, providing system visualization and the ability to configure, download, run, debug and monitor multiprocessor applications.


The AXISLib optimized DSP and math libraries provide a valuable set of building blocks for the quick and efficient development of applications.  Our existing AXISLib-PPC performance-optimized DSP library for Altivec, and AXISLib-CL DSP library for generic architectures have been joined by two new optimized DSP & vector math libraries. They are AXISLib-x86 & AXISLib-GPU, facilitating the development of GE’s SBCs and multiprocessor applications for Intel and General Purpose computation on GPGPU-based architectures.

Our latest AXIS product, AXISLib-AVX, provides more than 600 high-performance DSP & vector math functions for the new 2ndGen Intel Core i7 multicore, multithreaded platforms with Advanced Vector Extenstion (AVX).


The AXIS tools have been used to develop real-time Radar, Sonar and EW applications for Mil/Aero programs in the US and across the world. The AXIS libraries are deployed in Military systems in production.

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