We know how important it is to you in so many of your system development projects that size, weight, and power (SWaP) be kept to the minimum possible while still retaining the required functionality.

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Mindful of the ever-tightening design parameters on air-, land- and sea-based platforms, we design our subsystems to have optimized SWaP as well as cooling (SWaP-C) while being validated for the harsh environments encountered by military and aerospace platforms.

Sophisticated thermal analysis computer modeling is conducted early in the design process. These computer simulations evaluate chassis and subassembly performance in worst-case thermal environments. This testing will predict junction temperatures between components, as well as suggest design modifications that would be expected to improve thermal survivability. 

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computing systems afford end users access to the most advanced technology at mass-market prices. Platform time-to-market is dramatically reduced along with technical risk.


Because the development has already been performed up-front for these standard systems, the non-recurring engineering expense has been greatly reduced, if not eliminated. Emplacing COTS systems in the harsh environments typically encountered in military and aerospace applications will usually require specialized packaging to achieve certification for the lifecycle demanded by the end user.

GE Intelligent Platforms excels at the design of COTS systems with levels of ruggedization ranging from benign to being capable of withstanding harsh military and aerospace conditions such as thermal extremes, vibration, shock, sand and dust, salt fog, humidity, acceleration, electromagnetic interference, and nuclear/electromagnetic pulse, as well as human intrusion and compromise. We provide a full range of COTS system packaging services, from creation of specifications to rigorous qualification testing. GE has developed five levels of circuit board ruggedization, each providing the optimal balance of cost, performance and reliability.

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