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The C2KA is Not Recommended for New Designs. Please contact your GE salesperson to discuss alternative solutions. Click here to find contact information for your local GE representative.

C2KA rugged PICMG 2.16 compliant 6U CompactPCI Single Board Computer features increased processor speeds, bus speeds and memory capacities making it an excellent choice for advanced defense, aerospace and homeland security applications.

The C2KA hosts the MPC7448 or MPC7447A Power Architecture G4 processor from Freescale Semiconductor with core processor speeds up to 1.4 GHz and 1 MB of on-board L2 cache. The processor is supported with a 167 MHz MPX System Bus.

No Longer Recommended -- Newer Designs Are Available
This product is no longer recommended for new designs. More recent products are available and recommended. This product is in a ‘frozen configuration’ phase. Design modifications are no longer being made. Product Lifecycle Management services are recommended. If you have questions about this product, or any other GE Intelligent Platforms product, please contact us.

  • Soldered boot flash 256 MB with multi-level write-protection
  • 16x programmable GPIO ports
  • 2x 1.5 Gb/s SATA 1.0 ports
  • 8x Serial Ports
  • MPC7448 or MPC7447A Power Architecture G4 processor from Freescale
  • DDR333 SDRAM 1 GB with ECC
  • 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports
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Datasheet C2KA
Configuration Guide C2KA Configuration Guide
Configuration Guide Ruggedization Levels
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual C2KA
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Primary Support

Huntsville, AL
12090 South Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35803-3308

Support Phone: 1-800-433-2682
Support E-mail: support.embeddedsystems.ip@ge.com
RMA E-mail: repairs.huntsville.ip@ge.com

Europe, Middle East, Africa Support

Augsburg, Germany
Memminger Str. 14 D-86159

Support Phone: +49 821 5034-170
Hour: Monday - Thursday, excluding holidays from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT+1; Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Support E-mail: support.augsburg.ip@ge.com


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