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The G4ADSP rugged 6U VME card is designed to offer a form, fit and function replacement for our first generation 7400/7410 G4DSP multiprocessor that has been in productuon since 2003.

Based on our market leading G4DSP-XD3 quad 7448 processor, the G4ADSP offers a proven platform available in both air and conduction cooled build levels for deployed systems requiring wide temperature operation and resistence to extended levels of shock and vibration.

The G4ADSP benefits from several generations of continued product development and testing, as well as on-going software support for COTS real-time operating systems including several versions of VxWorks and AXIS multiprocessor software including optimized VSIPL and RSPL libraries.

  • Four Freescale MPC7448 processors
  • Four banks PC266DDR SDRAM, up to 2 GBytes total
  • One PCI port to P0
  • PCI-X to all nodes, and both PMC sites
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Four Serial ports
  • Two PMC-X sites
  • Node management controller
  • Rugged 6U VME form factor for air and conduction cooled systems
  • AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software
  • GE Built-In-Test (BIT) for PowerPC
  • BSPs for VxWorks 5.5 and 6.x
  • G4ADSP Press Release
  • Ruggedization Levels
  • PLM Program
  Type Title
Datasheet G4ADSP Product Data Sheet
Requires Authorization User Manual AXISFlow Programmer's Guide
Edition 12
Requires Authorization User Manual AXISmpi User Guide
Edition 1
Requires Authorization User Manual AXISView User Guide
Edition 12
Brochures 2011 Military and Aerospace Product Selection Guide
68-page Product Selection Guide
White Papers Many-Core Processors Report Ready for Duty
Increasing Speed, Reducing Size of Radar Processing Systems
Requires Authorization BIT Guide BIT on G4ADSP User Guide
Requires Authorization BIT Guide BIT V4 User Guide
Configuration Guide Ruggedization Levels
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual G4ADSP Hardware Reference Manual
Edition 1
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual G4DSPP2 Backplane Module Manual
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual G4DSPXEIO Backplane Module Manual
Edition 1DR
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual I/O Modules Manual Ed20
Edition 20
Requires Authorization Software Reference AXIS Quick Reference Guide
4th Edition
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Primary Support

Towcester, UK
Tove Valley Business Park
Towcester, Northamptonshire, -- NN12 6PF

Support Phone: +44 (0) 1327 322760
Support E-mail: support.towcester.ip@ge.com
RMA E-mail: repairs.towcester.ip@ge.com


Huntsville, AL
12090 South Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35803-3308

Support Phone: 1-800-433-2682
Support E-mail: support.embeddedsystems.ip@ge.com
RMA E-mail: repairs.huntsville.ip@ge.com

  • G4ADSPIO-11  3U rear transition module

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