High Performance Embedded Computing

High Performance Computing has now come to the world of embedded systems – and, especially, to the systems being developed and deployed by the world's armed forces. To address the most demanding and sophisticated applications, such as ISR and electronic warfare, high performance embedded computing – HPEC – uses the power, not just of multiple single board computers working together, but also of multi-core and many-core processors.


GE Intelligent Platforms scalable open system architectures (OSA) bring data center performance and connectivity to rugged deployed defense and aerospace applications with our family of OpenVPX compute clusters. Standard application programming interfaces (APIs) along with productivity tools for application development facilitate performance optimization and scaling for range size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained platforms targeting both manned and unmanned, air, ground and naval operations.

Planned technology insertion is at the heart of GE's commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product and technology road maps. Customers can develop and integrate platform solutions with our very latest COTS modules secure in the knowledge that future form, fit and function upgrades will be available during the platform life cycle to support expanded mission capability and long term operational deployment.


AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software

AXISLIB-AVX is GE's comprehensive DSP and math function library providing the full VSIPL Core 1.0 profile with hand optimized AVX support to extract game changing levels of performance from Intel's brand new 256bit wide SIMD AVX unit. The VSIPL API ensures code portability across multiple processor generations in support of planned technology refresh during the entire program life cycle.

AXISPRO includes a high-performance IPC middleware and GUI for task-level programming and fast prototyping to reduce development cost and shorten time to solution of even the most complex signal processing applications.




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