Many-Core Computers

GE Intelligent Platforms' high-performance many-core hardware is targeted at high performance video and networking applications. Our many-core computers are based on high-perfomance many-core processors such as Tilera's TILEPro and  NVIDIA's GPGPU processors. Our many-core computers offer several different levels of ruggedization for commercial, industrial, defense and aerospace applications.

Active Products

Form Factor Processor Application Memory I/O Cooling Operating System (OS) Support
GRA112 VPX 3U  NVIDIA EXK107 384-core GPU  Video & Graphics  2 GB   VGA, S-Video, RS-170, NTSC, PAL, DVI, CVBS  Air, Conduction   NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL 
GRA111 VPX 3U  NVIDIA GT240 96-core GPU  Video & Graphics  1 GB  VGA, RS-170, NTSC, PAL, DVI  Air, Conduction   NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL 
IPN251 VPX 6U  NVIDIA EXK107 384-core GPU, 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7 quad-core @ 2.1 GHz  Video & Graphics  Up to 16 GB, 4 GB, 2048/256 MB  VGA, USB, Serial, SATA, RS-170, GPIO, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI, Audio, 10Gb Ethernet(fibre)  Air, Conduction, Air flow-through VITA 48.5  Windows, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, MatLab, Linux, BIOS, AXISLib-VSIPL 
NPN240 VPX 6U  Dual NVIDIA GT240 GPUs, 96-core  Video & Graphics  2 GB   VGA, HDMI or DV1, DVI  Air, Conduction, Spray  Windows, Linux 
IPN250 VPX 6U  NVIDIA GT240 96-core GPU, Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn SP9300 @ 2.26 GHz  Video & Graphics  4 GB  Serial, GbE, PCIe, USB, SATA, GPIO, Audio, TV Input , DVI/HDMI/VGA  Air, Conduction, Spray  Windows, Linux 


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