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PIO-2 is a 6U VME card that enables any VME-based system to interface easily with the real world. It provides an optimized and very flexible connection arrangement between the VMEbus and a wide range of external sensors and actuators.

PIO-2 provides 32 parallel channels of I/O. Each channel can be an optically isolated input, or an optically isolating solid state relay output, or both together, known as monitored output. The outputs can switch 1.0 Amp at up to 60 Volts, and the inputs can be individually specified to operate at 5V, 12V, 28V, 48V or any custom voltage.

Within the maximum of 32 channels, any number of inputs and any number of outputs can be specified in any combination.

  • All I/O through the P2 connector
  • Change of state monitoring for all inputs
  • 6 programmable 16-bit counter/timers
  • Input filtering and high voltage spike protection
  • Outputs switch up to 1.0 Amp (1.5A option)
  • Inputs and outputs optically isolated
  • 32 parallel I/O lines for monitoring and controlling applications
  • VMEbus slave
  • Comprehensive BIT
  • 6U VME form factor
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Datasheet Pio 2
Configuration Guide Ruggedization Levels
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual PIO-2 Manual
Requires Authorization Software Manual LynxOS Driver for PIO-2 Manual
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