Rugged Routers and Switches

Today's defense, aerospace and commercial networks have become a war zone. As military forces and businesses seek to gain a competitive edge through information dominance, a high-speed, highly available and secure network becomes critical to even basic operations. Whether in the battlefield, factory or out in a remote oil rig, modern communication nodes are connecting to high-speed IP networks with Ethernet routers and switches at their core.

GE Intelligent Platforms rugged secure routers and Ethernet switches are designed specifically for battlefield and industrial applications, addressing the harsh environments and often dynamic nature of these networks with rugged enclosures and specialized protocol and management features. Our secure routers are engineered from the ground up with advanced firewalls, encryption, and hardware-assisted security features. GE's rugged Ethernet switch portfolio offers a broad range of high-speed network connectivity and management options to meet a range of price/performance and application requirements.

Active Products

Product Type Port Type Number of Ports Software Network Operations Military Specifications Management Type
IBX400   InfiniBand & Ethernet  20 InfiniBand & 16 Ethernet  OpenWare  Fully Managed Ethernet Control Plane. In-band InfiniBand Subnet Mgmt.  N/A  OpenWare & InfiniBand Subnet Manager 
RTR8GE Mobile Secure Router  10/100/1000BaseT, Gigabit Ethernet  JUNOS (Juniper Operating System)  IPv4, IPv6 routing, Firewalling, Intrusion detection & prevention, RFC4398 & R2CP radio router protocols  MIL-STD-810, MIL-SPEC-704 power supply, MIL-D38999 connectors  Fully Managed (SNMP v1/v2/v3, JUNOS OS CLI) 
GS12 Gigabit Ethernet Switch  10/100/1000BaseT, 10/100BaseT  12  FASTPATH & BIT  L2 & L3 switching and routing (IPv4 & IPv6)  MIL-STD-810, MIL-D38999 connectors, MIL-SPEC-1275 or MIL-SPEC-704F power supply  Fully Managed Layer-2/3+, Unmanaged Layer-2 
RES-210 Rugged Ethernet Switch Gigabit Ethernet Switch  10/100/1000BaseT  10  BIT, OpenWare  L2 & L3 switching and routing (IPv4 & IPv6)  MIL-STD-704E or MIL-STD-1275B power supply  Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ 

Discontinued Products

Product Type Port Type Number of Ports Software Network Operations Military Specifications Management Type
GS16 Gigabit Ethernet Switch  10/100/1000BaseT  16, option for 12 1000BaseX ports    L2 & L3 switching and routing (IPv4)    Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ 
RES-110 Gigabit Ethernet Switch  10/100/1000BaseTX  10  FASTPATH & BIT  L2 & L3 switching and routing (IPv4)  MIL-STD-704E  Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ 


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