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StarSwitch2 is a multipurpose StarFabric 4-port switch and dual PMC carrier card in 6U VME form factor. It supports a multi-slot P0-StarFabric point-to-point backplane or chassis-to-chassis connection. P0-StarFabric offers much higher bandwidth than legacy PCI solutions. The StarSwitch supports and scales the G4DSP StarFabric-enabled multiprocessor host.

StarSwitch2's four P0-StarFabric ports can be used singly or in pairs of bundled links for small ultra-high performance systems. Interrupts from the PMC sites are routed either via StarFabric or directly off-board for minimized latency using an interrupt mapper.

StarSwitch2 additionally provides VME access to both PMC sites. StarSwitch2 is available in four ruggedization levels, both air- and conduction-cooled.

  • Four 4x switched StarFabric ports
  • Full StarFabric connectivity
  • VME interface offering VME access to both PMC sites
  • Two independent 64-bit/66 MHz PMC sites
  • Full 64-bit PMC I/O available at P2 from both PMC sites
  • 6U VME form factor
  • Efficient handling of byte-level I/O
  • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions available
  • Semi-redundant architecture for restricted maintenance applications
  • Ruggedization Levels

Article - Advances in Radar Processing (Military & Aerospace Electronics July 2008)

  • AXIS Software
  • Former Radstone Product
  • PLM Program
  Type Title
Datasheet StarSwitch2
Requires Authorization User Manual AXISFlow Programmer's Guide
Edition 12
Requires Authorization User Manual AXISmpi User Guide
Edition 1
Requires Authorization User Manual AXISView User Guide
Edition 12
Brochures 2011 Military and Aerospace Product Selection Guide
68-page Product Selection Guide
Brochures AXIS Advanced Integrated Multiprocessor Software
AXIS Software Overview
Brochures Sonar Solutions Brochure
8-page Sonar Solutions Brochure
White Papers AXIS - Taking the Sting out of Multiprocessor DSP Application Development
This white paper will show how a modern tool-chain might address different issues when configuring and programming a complex, heterogeneous multiprocessor system for a Mil & Aero application and result in a much reduced time to solution.
White Papers DSP Libraries and Graphical Tools Accelerate Distributed Corner Turn Development
This white paper will show how DSP libraries and graphical tools accelerate this distributed corner turn development.
White Papers High Performance Embedded Computing and Its Impact on Mil/Aero Applications
The drive toward Modular Open Systems Architectures (MOSA) is at the heart of GE’s selection of technologies, and this paper examines how this can positively impact programs.
White Papers RDMA: The Future of High Speed Fabric Interconnects
White Papers Switched Fabrics Support High-Performance Embedded Computing for Military and Aerospace Platforms
Lessons learned from high-performance computing arena can be transferred to military and aerospace applications for improved component interoperability.
Requires Authorization Application Notes PMC Installation Guide
Requires Authorization Application Notes VxWorks BSP for G4DSP-XE Application Note
Requires Authorization BIT Guide BIT on StarSwitch Manual
Requires Authorization BIT Guide BIT V4 User Guide
Configuration Guide Ruggedization Levels
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual I/O Modules Manual Ed20
Edition 20
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual STARPIO Backplane Module Manual
Edition 1DR
Requires Authorization Hardware Manual StarSwitch2 Product Manual
Edition 2
Requires Authorization Software Manual Rapid Signal Processing Library Manual
Edition 11
Requires Authorization Software Manual Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library Manual
Edition 4
Requires Authorization Software Manual VxWorks Driver for PMC-StarLite Software Reference Manual
Requires Authorization Software Reference AXIS Quick Reference Guide
4th Edition
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